March 15-18 8:30am-4pm

March 19,26,29,31, April 2 – Saturdays 830-4 Tuesdays and Thursday 5-8:45pm

Aprils 9,16,23,30 830-4pm

May 7,14,21,28 830-4pm

May 31, Jun 1,2,3 Tuesday-Friday 830-4pm

June 6-10, 12-6pm (ideal for athletes)

June 13-16, 830-4pm

June 20-23, 830-4pm

June 27-30, 830-4pm

July 5-8, 830-4pm

July 11-14, 830-4pm

July 18-21, 830-4pm

July 25-28, 830-4pm

August 1-4, 830-4pm

Schedule will change after the summer months but is still TBD

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