Marketing and SEO Questions

Small Business – Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Questions

What aspects of marketing can you manage for us ?

What is SEO ? How much does it cost ?

Do you guarantee results ?

Are you Google Certified SEO ?

Google doesn’t provide any SEO certifications. There are people going around claiming that they have been certified by Google, it’s true, but their certification is likely for Adwords or other advertising oriented Google programs.

What Internet Marketing plan should I select ?

What is SEO ? How can I market my website ?

Answers related to Marketing and Promoting your websites can be found here.

I have questions about managing the Online Store

Answers related to Managing your Online eCommerce Store can be found here.

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    What should I know before starting a small business ?

    What makes a good SMB/SME Website ?

    Tools that can make it easy to run my business ?

    How to manage customers, sales, orders and my business ?

    Should I invest in People or Technology ?

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